Text Box: Basic Cue Repair Lathe Starter Kit
This is a specially set-up, modified Micro Lathe II that does a great job on replacing tips, ferrules, shaft cleaning, re-tapering existing shafts and cutting tenons.  It can also be used to do refinishing and replacing linen or nylon wraps.  It will work with house cues as well as two piece cues.  IT IS NOT DESIGNED NOR IS IT CAPABLE OF DOING ANY ACCURATE JOINT WORK.   It is simple, fast and works great!  It was originally built for just doing tips and ferrules, but as you can see from the photos in the right hands it can be very versatile. The headstock has a (15 mm) through spindle bore and  110 – 120 VAC, 120 watt motor with foot operated variable speed control.  The headstock and motor can easily be repositioned for different set-ups.  It includes a 3 jaw self centering chuck, variable speed foot control, chuck wrenches, two steady rests (they are functional, not pretty); the bearing steady rest for shafts, and cloth lined steady rest for house cues.  Also included are two cutting bits, plastic shaft collets, one set of joint protectors, three Allen wrenches plus an extra set of brushes for the motor, everything except the baseboard. $495.00 + S&H

The 1.2 amp 110–120 volt AC motor is approximately 1/5 HP and is not rated for continuous operation.  It is intended to be used for turning, light cutting, sanding and polishing of normal tip, ferrule and shaft maintenance and cue repair operations.  If the motor is over worked (operated under a heaver that normal load) it will draw higher current and will overheat.  Over heating can also be caused by running the motor for longer than normal periods.  Continued overheating can cause the motor to weaken and fail.  

There is an optional manual speed control which is available for $25.00 when purchased with the lathe (regular price is $30.00).  There are many other options shown on the “Parts and Accessories” page of this web site.

If you have any questions please just let me know.

If you have any questions or would like to place an order please just send an email to: 

midamericapool@yahoo.com or call between 9 AM to 4PM Central Time 217-320-2404.    Thanks a Million!!

If you have any questions please email midamericapool@yahoo.com or call 9 AM to 4PM Central Time 217-320-2404. 

If you would like to place an order please just send an email your name, zip code and a list of the items that you wish to purchase to: midamericapool@yahoo.com   I will reply with your total and payment options.

Thanks a Million!!